SuperD - Boulder Graphics
Meet the Team
Kun Gao
President and Co-Founder
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Alyn Rockwood
Principal Scientist and Co-Founder
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Michael Farrell
Software Developer
Mike is an independent graphics developer with many years of experience creating applications across modern platforms. He is an expert in the field of realtime 3D rendering, data visualization, GPU computing, and video game development. Mike was formally trained in computer science and modern software engineering practices with a further specialization in C++, OpenGL, and UNIX/LINUX systems. Mike has several established products in the VR, mobile, desktop computing spaces. His research areas of interest include programmable hardware accelerated graphics applications (GPU/GPGPU), advanced CG shading and lighting techniques, and geometric surface (mesh) manipulation algorithms. His main focus is developing up to date, software tools for mobile and next-gen VR.
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Ahmad Nasri
Consultant and MENA Representative
Ahmad Nasri is a 3D modelling consult ant and MENA representative of Boulder Graphics LLC. He was a professor in computer graphics at the American University of Beirut, and a research visitor in 3D modelling at numerous univ ersities such as MIT, Arizona State University, University of Calgary, Purdue University, Bri gham Young University, Seoul National University, City University of Hong Kong, and Cambridge University, Nanyang Technological University, and Bremen University. Since 1982 he has been providing solutions to subdivision surfaces and more recently co-founded T-spline for use in modelling and animation, and published around 80 related papers in prestigious journals and conference proceedings. He is on the editorial board of the Visual Computer Journal, Internat ional Journal of CAD/CAM, Shape Modeling,etc. His research interests include cultural heritag e, Digital Arts, and the use of Computer Graphics in Education.